Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2

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Effects Pedal

The Strat, Marshal towers, fuzz and wah wah pedals have always been connected immediately and naturally with the legend Jimi Hendrix. Another element that the guitar master repeatedly used is the Tycobrahe Octavia, the first octaver, which was developed by FX mastermind Roger Mayer for Jimi. Fulltone has revived exactly that sound with the Octafuzz OF-2, as usual with the finest components and high-quality production.

To call it an octaver would be to only name half of its components - a fuzz is also on board, and it can be operated alone on the Fulltone thanks to a small toggle switch, which of course makes the device more often usable.

With certain settings the pedal can even sound like a ring modulator, which can be quite interesting. Retro, but at the same time something quite adventurous and made for experimentation!

  • Copy of the famous Tycobrahe Octavia
  • Cool "octave up" sounds like Hendrix's "Band of Gypsies" and Jeff Becks "Wired" Album
  • Toggle switch for switching between fuzz and Octave
  • Hand-wired in USA
  • Suitable 9 V power supply: Article #192043# (not included)

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