Simple and functional

I got this thing to have a quick backup sound source in hobby grade live situations when background music is needed but DJ hardware or other "proper" sound source isn't set up, and it does its job great for that purpose. The single-button user interface is perfect for this application.

Soundwise I don't have anything to complain about. Bluetooth alone is likely more limiting than the rest of the device.

The magnet attachment on the bottom allows the unit to be slapped onto any flat steel surface. I usually have it on the side of my mixer and connected with short 0.5 m TRS cables. It's compact and even has balanced line outputs. The plastic housing feels solid and doesn't squeak or twist.

The only thing I don't like is the wall wart style external power supply, but at this price it's expected and allowed. At least it has the German TÜV GS certification along with the CE mark, so I'll expect it to fail safely if (and when) it does.