Gator, another case

I have been satisfied with many versions of the Gator cases (protecting keyboards and digital pianos of different sizes), I used this one for an 8 channel Soundcraft 200B, it was a bit tight, mostly because I had to let the elastic bands go all the way beneath the mixer (this is a vintage mixer so probably thicker than your modern equivalents) and it was hard to fix the elastic band "under" the mixer, it had a tendency to snap back. This was probably because my mixer was a little over-dimensioned for this case, but when I stretched it further down it still worked nicely. Although the stress I let the case go through made it rip in the corners where it was situated beneath the mixer. Again, I can't really blame the gator case, which is made of the same material as a bunch on keyboard ones I've had that held up nicely (also after hand-washing).

So in conclusion, good quality but make sure you do not have to put it under to much pressure (like in my case with a thicker mixer).