GF Ligature GF-10S GD

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The ligature and reed have the largest influence on the sound and responsiveness of the instrument. Like a tailor-made suit, each ligature adapts to the respective mouthpiece type, and ensures optimum fit. A crosshair printed on the ribbon makes it easier to set up the reed, and thanks to the ingenious mechanism (left-hand and right-hand threading), a symmetrical pulling force is exerted on the reed when it is tightened, so that it remains in the set position.

  • For tenor saxophones with rubber or plastic mouthpieces
  • Ligature with cap
  • Gold-plated
  • Suitable for Zinner TS 78, Keilwerth, Vandoren Java, Schreiber ESM mouthpieces, and Berg Larsen baritone saxophone (rubber or plastic)

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