well, no long-term experience, but so far nice

With my Harley Benton Folk/Western Guitar I had the problems that over time (approx. 1 year), I stumbled upon first signs, where there had to be drawbacks in the production.. you can't expect a guitar for almost no money to be as rugged solid as a hi end instrument and so when changing the strings, one by one the bridge pins died away

Because I was already customizing the guitar (custom spraypaint), I chose these dark ebony bridge pins as alternative.. meanwhile I had to change them all and so far I did not have any bad experience with them.

So I guess that means they are good. Well, I'll spare one star for possible future problems, but for the money you could still buy a second set..

Wouldn't necessarily mount them on my better guitars, but as long as it stays in the family (Harley Benton bridge pins on Harley Benton guitar), they do the trick