Lots of bass for the bucks

First impression: a beautiful and completely serviceable bass that I could roll into a gig tomorrow with and be perfectly comfortable. I think it will be a great backup bass--which is why I got it. With a little setup work, higher end 3-band eq preamp, and ultra lite tuners I would have a tough time choosing between this guy and my main player that costs 4x as much.

There is a bit of neck dive, and it looks like it will require some drilling in the back of the headstock to drop in replacement tuners.

The balance between pickups is good. P pup is a bit louder and significantly bassier than the MM. Blended they sound best. The P itself is kinda dark, bordering on a little muddy. The MM is nice and barky but a bit thin on its own. The active setting is MUCH louder than the passive setting. No tone control in passive mode.

It will need a little setup work to take care of some slight fret buzz. A few simple tweaks should do it. No sharp fret ends, the neck feels great.