Great bang for the buck! Just get one!

I wanted a 5 string with P bass pickups essentially. So, after much consideration, perhaps the basic version of this bass?, perhaps a Squire version?..etc.. I thought, for this little $, why not get the full blown model!?!

Good choice! Very happy with the tone. At unpacking, the bottom fret edges were sticking out, oh no! Well, after sitting out for about 48 hrs. Magic! The neck expanded enough swallow them back up. I'll keep an eye on it. Then just some basic saddle adjustments to my desired action height, a few turns of the truss rod, (easy to do!) and I'm off and runnin!

I would have like to see a split coil for the MM pickup. and quite a bit of difference between active & passive mode. Shoot, I may get the "vintage" version next! Thanks Thomann & HB!!