Excellent cable, best option for compact pedalboards

I strongly prioritize space efficiency on my pedalboard. I have 12 pedals on a 38*30 cm pedalboard meant for street performing. That was not possible before this type of cable showed up, and I scratched the finish of many pedals with the metal pancake plugs before I finally tried these.

The plugs are very compact and enable you to put pedals right next to each other. The cables themselves are also compact and flexible, a less obvious advantage, but you can comfortably run the cable along the edge of the pedals thanks to that, and it won't be in the way of pedal placement or other cables.

They are quality cables and will not suck your tone. The only time I broke one was when I managed to press down on it with the sharp edge of the power supply on a poorly set-up board. They have held up in normal use very well.

I prefer the Harley Benton brand over Rockboard because this cable does not needlessly protrude beyond the plug, which is a real problem when trying to use multiple plugs next to each other or trying to fit them through a tight hole. Being a smidgen cheaper also helps when you need to buy 11 of these.

I believe this is the best compact patch cable to buy. An alternative is the "Pro" version of this that comes with a shielded cable to prevent electrical infetterence, like the more expensive EBS Gold flat patch cable. However, I'll go out on a limb and say that there is nothing about this cable that isn't "pro".