When I looked at the price on this instrument I was absolutely stunned at what was on offer for o little money. Admittedly I did but the 'B-stock' version of this instrument so there was a sizable discount on the original price (€208). The first thing that really struck me was the tonal range this bass is capable of; tones ranging from the bridge pick up, tone down 'Jaco' sound, to the neck pick up, full active dub sound, to the tone up bridge and neck pick up blend (my favorite for slap) which gets a great thumpy slap sound; that's just a small few of the sounds this baby can produce, I'm still learning.

I did have to bring it to a luthier to have it set up as there was some fret buzz around the B of the E string and in a few other places, the fret buzz wasn't bad enough that it was audible through the amp but it was there enough that it bugged me when I was practicing. The set up cost me €10 and I've had no problems since. Really I think the action was just set too low when it was sent out to me.

As a bass to wear this is a really comfortable 5 string, allot of others have a problem of always sliding so that the neck is pointing down (just from the weight of the neck) but a combination of the way the body is styled and the weight of the wood being used seems to have stopped this happening.

Altogether, this is a great bass, with versatile tones, great resonance, nice playing feel, comfortable to wear and even looks good for very little money.