Best offer for this price

First of all, I am a guitarist, I make music at home and i needed a bass guitar to record bass parts for my songs easily. I was skeptical about the quality of this bass and Harley Benton label, which makes affordable musical instruments, but I was really surprised by the quality of it. The guitar is built really good, all the frets, and pickups and all the hardware is placed very smoothly and on its place. The guitar feels very comfortable. And the look of the wood is awesome, this guitar looks totally awesome with all those lines. Sound is better than I expected also, all the strings give enough low frequencies and sound equally loud. Also the guitar was already tuned, so didn't struggle with hight of the strings or some things like that.

You can also check a demo sound i recorded here:

So i think this offer is best offer for a low price.

If you need a bass guitar that sounds good, looks good and u have a small budget, i recommend this baby ;)