Incredible bass for this price - and even better de-fretted!

I bought this as a cheap starter to get back into bass after a long break.

My expectations of a through neck 5 string for this sort of money were not high. Wow, I was so wrong.

This is a great sounding, great looking, well built, easy playing instrument. I was truly amazed at how good this was. It comes with good strings and the range of sounds that come out of the active electrics is impressive.

OK, it needed a good setup out of the box. The relief was too shallow and action too high (fpersonal preference) and the intonation was way out. This is the only reason for only giving 4/5 stars on quality. Probably unfair, you'd expect any brand new guitar to need setting up.

But it has since got even better - after pulling out the frets (and another setup of course), this makes an amazing fretless! I can't put it down - the Warwick GPS Corvette 5 that I bought to "replace" it gets less attention.