Great 5 string at a bargain price

I've been playing guitar for ages but I've never owned a bass until I bought this one. I do a lot of writing / recording etc at home and thought it was about time I had one. I didn't want to spend a fortune on it, but I wanted one that felt nice and sounded the part on recordings in a variety of genres. After reading reviews here and looking through the pictures over and over, whilst scouring second hand options elsewhere and seeing what else I could get for similar money, I decided to take the leap and go for this...

Very glad I did! The bass looks as great in the flesh as it does in the pictures on here. It's all finished very nicely.

Feel wise, it's quite weighty, but the weight is balanced nicely and it sits well in the lap, it feels reassuringly solid. I haven't tried it standing up yet but I imagine it will balance fine there too. The controls are great; Very solid feeling and definitely not easily knocked once set. The indents on the pots are really handy too.... Only downside here is it takes a minute to figure out what each knob controls! Not the most intuitive layout but that's just my opinion I suppose and it doesn't really matter anyway, once you've figured it out. I'd tell you the order now to save the hassle but I've forgotten til I get it out again!

The active electronics do introduce some noise when boosting rather than cutting if you're playing into a very distorted / compressed signal chain but that's to be expected. It's only problematic when really cranking the EQ controls right up, which you almost certainly won't need to do! Otherwise, a little noise is always unnoticeable as soon as you start playing.

It's a fun bass to play! In my situation, as a guitarist converting every now and then, it's perfect. The action is nice and low, without loads of fret buzz out of the box. It sounds great for a variety of styles. It feels nice, it looks nice.... Great buy all round!

Since enjoying this bass so much I've now definitely got my eye on a few other Harley Benton guitars.... I'll almost certainly be ordering one of their tele-style models after pay-day at the end of the month. If this bass is anything to go by, they are very impressive instruments for the money!