Soundwise versatile bass for a good price!

The bad:

Bass came with malfunctioning P (neck) pickup. However after contacting customer service they agreed to send me a spare one. (Thomann customer service is great) It came quickly, but it was larger that original so filing and sanding the pickguard was necessary. After installing it sound great! Punchy deep bass sound.

One pickguard screw hole did not match the one drilled in the body so one screw is a bit angled.

Tone pot was a bit scrachy and was fixed with contact spray during pickup swap.

Neck volume pot loses contact every now and then. Is going to be switched soon,

There is a little frett buzz along the fretboard. Wether it is from too deep cut on the nut or incomplete fret work i don't know. I haven't got the tool to check string action so no comments on that

The Good:


Came with 3m cable

The bass is B-E-A-Utiful! Workmanship is overall very good. As soon as i opened the package i was amazed. Finish is done very well, i could not find any imperfections on that. 3 ply pickguard looks good and the edge is filed fine. Neck is sanded smooth and fret ends are filed good. Neck came straight as arrow and required no trussrod adjustments. Intonation also was set up well. Tuners look good and hold tone very well.

Jazz (bridge) pickup sounds good, noisy with tone up but single coil pickups does that.

Precision (neck) pickup sounds deep and thumpy just the way i like it.

Strings that came with it sound OK , but i am going to change them to flatwounds sometime soon


You can't get any better for the money. I recommend this bass to anyone looking for a tonally versatile bass for a little cash! However be ready to meet some imperfections. I say, give it a try! You may get a very nice bass, if you don't - you can always send it back.