Standard Harley Benton Offering

This is my first bass so I let all my friends who play test it out in order to get a better opinion.

Over all they all said it is one on the OK-est basses out there. It needed a little set-up out of the box but nothing too major. The biggest issue was the pocket was not 100% level. The fit was tight we just had to shim it to get it perfectly level. The tuners were a bit wonky and will probably be the first think I replace. IT was a bit neck heavy but that is an issue with even more expensive basses. There were no problems with sharp or long fretts. All the fretts were passably level. The tone control was a fairly unresponsive with little difference between both extremes. The sound from both the P and J pickups were probably a little better than one would expect for the price. I absolutely LOVE the coloring and finish.

Great value but not a high end bass.