Great P bass copy, mine was damaged in transit, so awaiting a replacement.

Nothing too bad with this bass, looks similar quality to the HB JB-75, but with cheaper strings and pick ups.

Mine arrived with a smashed in end pin. Had to think long and hard about keeping it and using it as a sit down bass or returning it to get a replacement. In the end decided on a return. Otherwise the bass is well constructed. Nice wide P bass neck with a satin finish on the back. A nice piece of rosewood for the fretboard, some "pearl" like inlays. The body is well finished translucent red showing the solid Alder body (I could see an obvious line in the top of the body so mine's a two piece). The machine heads had a nit of play in them, but nothing to worry about unless you need to change tunings a lot. The pickups sound just fine as is, but my inner tinkerer would want to swap out the P bass for a more genuine vintage one.

Got some great tones from it out of the box and just needed a simple setup on the truss rod and bridge.

Was planning to put some heavy gauge flats for some rock/Motown, but haven't been able to try it out with flats yet.

I'll see if I can post an updated review once I get the replacement through. Just giving this 3 stars for quality because of the damage on arrival, but I'll revise this once I get the replacement.