Harley Benton Pick Guard

I must say this is a good quality piece of murchandise and looks beautiful ... but ... it is described as fit for ST type guitars and it doesn't fit on my ST-20 BK. The holes for the pickups are too small and don't accommodate the ST-20 pickups, the neck cutout is too narrow (as is the tailpiece cutout) and the screw holes are all (except for 2) in the wrong place so drilling the guitar will be neccessary. I presume it is meant for a different brand of ST.

It is unfortunate but I feel that if I spend some time and carefully get to work on it with a file, I should be able to get it how I want it.

I'm not angry but I am a little disappointed as it's made from high quality material and is the exact look that I wanted. I'll keep it and mod it to suit the job.