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Sheet Music for Piano

  • 13 Well-known original pieces by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy for piano
  • Original text addition
  • With practical explanations
  • From easy to average difficulty
  • ISMN M-2018-1801-6, Verlag-Nr. HN 1801
  • 56 pages


  • Six Children's Pieces op.72,1
  • Six children's pieces op.72,3
  • Six children's pieces op.72.5
  • Song without Words (Venetian Gondellied) in G minor op.19,6
  • Song without Words (Venetian Gondellied) F sharp minor op.30,6
  • Song without Words (Frühlingslied) A-dur op.62,6
  • Song without Words (Venetian Gondellied) in A minor Op.62,5
  • Seven character pieces op.7,1
  • Song without Words op.19,1
  • Song without Words (Duetto) A flat major op.38,6
  • Trois Fantaisies ou Caprices op.16,1
  • Prelude V op.35
  • Song without Words op.67,4

The series "On the Piano"

  • The ideal entry into the world of classical piano music
  • Especially suitable for those who return to the piano after a long time
  • Each volume with well-known original pieces by a composer
  • In ascending difficulty, from easy to intermediate
  • Sheet music in proven original text quality
  • With fingering and practical hints for technique and interpretation


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