Hirschman KR Indigo MAX Trumpet Plunger

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Hirschman KR Indigo MAX Trumpet Plunger, "KR" are the initials of Kenny Rampton, world-renowned trumpet player and long-standing member of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra under the direction of Wynton Marsalis, from low to high, the most in-tune plunger ever. It also provides consistent pitch when switching between open and closed (tight) plunger, something essential for ensemble passages. Better intonation means less "lipping" of notes, reducing fatigue and increasing endurance, the "KR Indigo MAX" (Height 3.5"/88.9mm, outer diameter 5.145"/130.7mm, inner lip diameter 4.21"/106.9mm) is slightly deeper and wider on the outside than the "KR Indigo", providing the ultimate in plunger sound and intonation, works great on standard bell size trumpets (for example the Bach 37) as well as larger bell trumpets, the MAX can be used with a regular straight mute, so there's no need to buy or lug around an inferior sounding pixie mute anymore

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