An Amazing Amp

So I got this today and I'm blown away how loud and perfect it sounds. It has a warm sound and isn't too trebbly (if that's a word). It has plenty of gain for any style and the clean channel is just fantastic. I love the thing!


- Very lite weighs only 8kg.

- Comes with a soft bag and you can carry it arround easily

- Sounds amazing

- 3 channels

- Power soak function so you can switch between 40-20-5-1 or 0W

- Red Box for connecting directly to a PA or Computer. It allows the thing to play without a real cab connected to it

- Midi output

- Well built


- I'd love for the amp to have had some Reverb and Compressor included

- You have to buy the footswitch separately

Overall I really like it! It's a perfect piece of equipment for recording, band practice and live gigs. It's 40W but it's much louder than a Bugera 333 120W I had before.