Great amp for a Myriad of uses

Was looking for my first tube amp when I found this Hughes&Kettner Tubemeister Deluxe 40. I now play only at home but wanted an amp that could adapt to a series of different uses. I first found the tubemeister 36 and fell in love with the amount of features but it didn't captivate me where it matters the most, the sound (mostly the distorted sound, as I am mostly a metal guy). So i then looked at the tubemeister Deluxe 40, which shares almost all the features of the tubemeister 36 (and some more) but has the gain strutucture based on the triamp and having played it now I have to say it sounds GREAT!!!! The amp has 3 channels, clean (with independent eq), crunch and Lead (with shared eq). Cleanwise I like it super clean (jazz like) but it can get a little bit of bite. Crunch is where I keep it most of the time, has plenty of gain and mostly use Lead for (you guessed it) leads! Regarding the other features, the built in attenuator works great (and the amp doesn't get all that hot) the redbox is awesome, allowing for silent recording and has great speaker simulation (which in a live setting you might use to go direct into the PA) and perhaps the most amazing feature of the amp is the MIDI learn fucntion. With a MIDI pedalboard you can control everything in the amp but the EQ values, you can assign to a slot in the pedalboard the chanel, the attenuator level and the fx loop (on/off). This makes the amp super versatile (if you're considering this amps, BUY A MIDI PEDALBOARD, it takes the amp to another level).

The only reason I gave it 4 stars in handling is the passive eq which takes a little bit to get used to (and still am getting used to)