Great amp.

I just bought this amp and i am very impressed. I have old Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 602 combo and I've searching tube guitar head to replace it very long time. And i`ve found it. I have Gibson Les Paul Studio with 57`classic pickups and with this amp and tubescreemer in front of it i dial many different tones. Clean channel is very clear and crunch is much better. The other great stuff is RedBox. You can easy record you guitar with different cab emulations. Power Soak is other good stuff. This amp is rated 40W but when i compare to my old TSL 602 combo witch is 60W, this amp is louder. Actually i use 1W when i play. Lead channel is smooth and compressed and very good for lead solos. Only thing may be is not good that amp came with china tubes and i`ll replace them ASAP.