My best investment in my "In the box" Project Studio.

Thanks to Thomann and the pretty fast delivery, considering I was in back order for a while.

I have read so many good reviews that I bought these monitors knowing already that I would be happy with them. My expectations have been exceeded. I replaced a pair of Behringer M16s that have been my alternative for a few years, knowing their limits but appreciating their qualities. The difference between the two products is huge, as I expected.


I am a pianist and composer, I do my productions in a small space of about 15 sqm, often working at night with my trusty KRK 8400 headphones, then during the day I listen to and correct my mixes if necessary listening to them in a good pair of Audiophile hi -fi monitors, which I love, or in my car. Since I have the iLoud Micro, I have regenerated enthusiasm and the pleasure of hearing often hidden details, producing more balanced mixes with clear highs and deep but controlled bass.

The speakers are set flat with only the bass at -3db due to their positioning close to the walls

I have tested these little gems with all the musical genres I listen to, from classical to jazz, from rock to folk, R & B and Latin, opera and electronic, only instrumental and only vocals. All music that I know very well and it was all a pleasure to listen to. IK Multimedia has made an excellent product and I hope it will last me a long time.


It was not easy to position them well, as the cable between the two speakers is very rigid and heavy, so much so that it moves the angle of the speakers with its weight. The speakers are placed on top of my hi-fi speakers and I had to find a solution to keep them angled and stable. Once I was successful, I enjoyed their sound and went back to making music.

It would be great if there was a cable that was at least 2 meters long and a bit more flexible.


I am delighted with this investment and recommend it to anyone like me who has little space for their creative setup, and wants to spend their money wisely. They do an excellent job, and don't make you feel the need to buy speakers of more famous and much more expensive brands. Also great as a second pair of monitors or portable systems with Bluetooth connectivity. These are smart little gems!