Pretty decent 1176-ish compressor, and a good price too

This does pretty much everything you'd expect an 1176 type unit to do. Build quality is good, (at least externally, I've not needed to open it up). Controls feel nice and solid.

Within sensible operation parameters it's not noisy, although at more extreme settings you might have to tread a bit carefully. That's the same for a lot of this type of unit though. I've found it quick and easy to get decent results when using it with a preamp as part of an input chain, but as an insert on a mix channel or on a send for parallel compression I've found it helps to pay close attention to the level of the signal heading towards the unit's input.

Given the same fairly specific control set, this certainly delivers compression in the style of an 1176 but it perhaps isn't as "characterful" as some similar units so I find myself needing to push it a little bit to achieve some colouration as well as compression. Nevertheless it's a very useful piece of kit and I think it's a big step up from many 1176 style plugins. I've used it on a whole variety of sources and it's given me particularly good results on bass guitar and powerful vocalists, adding both body and bite.

There's little reason to disregard this if you're after this style of compressor. especially when you consider attractive price. I may well get some more!