Perfect for windy weather

One of the biggest headaches that we have during an outdoor concert is to have music flying across the stage. After yet another compromised performance, I decided to test a few products for myself. At first I bought the magnets by Art of Music, which worked perfectly with the Thomann Music Stand. Then I came across these similar products by K&M, which in my opinion are not as strong as the aforementioned, but do the job equally well and are cheaper if order in large quantity.

As long as the music scores is not too thick and one doesn't need to turn page quickly this product works like magic - these magnets are made from rare earth metals like neodymium and stick the music onto any steel surface like glue.

Just make sure that your music stand is made of steel otherwise it won't work. If not sure use a magnet to check if it sticks. Most Thomann orchestral music stands work with this product and that's the reason why I bought 8 Thomann Music Stands and 40 K&M magnets in my last order.