Beautifully strong

I have just suffered a double braced X stand failing under the weight of my Kawai MP7, damaging the Kawai and some other pieces of equipment. Fortunately the stand was bundled with the MP7 so I have some legal redress against the store (which is NOT Thomann).

I look after my equipment because I want things to look good and work properly. After this accident the first place I looked was K&M because I wanted a brand that I knew I could trust and that wouldn't cut corners on quality.

The stand arrived and was very easy to put together. Just a case of inserting the legs and cross pieces and screwing on the heavy duty hand tightened nuts. I also purchased the additional arms 18813 to place an additional level above. These, again, just hand tighten onto the main frame. The second level is adjustable for height and the angle of tilt. In addition I purchased the additional 18819 tray for my keyboard and mouse. This tray fits securely over the 18813 arms and is sufficiently strong to take the full weight from both your arms without flexing or moving. I set the 18813 arms wide enough that I can still fit and use the music stand on the Kawai but at this width I needed to reverse the bolts on the arms so that the knobs on the nuts were on the inside. Set up this way the tray fits properly. If you didn't need the arms so far spaced then no change would be necessary. The arms adjust high enough to accommodate the music stand but I will need to remove the tray to use music on it. This is ok for my usage of the Kawai as a separate piano or as a MIDI controller for my DAW.

The stand is very well made. It is sufficiently big enough for a heavy 88 key digital piano but it is an easy job to move the fittings for smaller boards. The sturdy legs adjust with a sprung knurl wheel. The leg holes are marked with numbers to facilitate getting both sides level. Some reviewers have commented that this stand is best for the studio because it doesn't fold. But I would say that as it only requires 4 hand tightened nuts to be removed to dismantle it into a flat packed unit and reassembly takes a couple of minutes it is eminently suitable for gigging musicians too. We all like convenience but a convenient stand has caused me heartache. I'd rather have peace of mind with a quality stand.