Perfect starter for a synth rack

This is the perfect stand if you're looking to stack up some synths over time.

I've got the Moog Sub37. The stand is very sturdy, as are the rubber ends on the stand arms. The synth never moves. It's much more space-efficient than an X stand - I can easily fit two small amps underneath.

It's the expansion capability that I also love with K&M. If I buy more gear in future, I can attach two more levels to this stand, allowing me to easily to stack up keyboards, synths, modular pieces and FX pedals.


- Strong and sturdy, doesn't move an inch

- Easy to assemble, raise and adjust

- Future proof - expandable to three more levels

- Looks pretty good too, you can get it in black, white and nordy red.

- Space efficient - I fit two amps underneath and a mic stand behind it.


- I can't think of any. I've had X stands in the past, and this blows them out of the water in terms of sturdiness, space efficiency and expandability.

If you're looking for a keyboard or synth stand 1-4 pieces of gear, get this. K&M built the best stuff in this space.