Excellent with great accessories

I use this stand with a Kawai ES8 and have two accessories attached to it: a tray (K&M 18819) for a 17' bulkish laptop (6kg) with extra space for a mouse (more space left) and a sheet holder (K&M 18805) I use for a 12.9' ipad pro (the magnetic back of the ipad works perfectly with the holder btw).

The stand takes all of this with no problem and is incredibly stable (I was worried that the ES8 would be too heavy for it). In fact I suspect that the size and weight of the ES8 contribute to the stability (as it sits perfectly on the holding arms).

There's a lot of leg space and it even came with useful velcro straps to tie all the cables, so the final setup is clean.

The accessories are also great. Everything was easy to assemble and with high quality parts (with lots of thought for little details). The adjustment and positioning of the accessories are also very flexible and with lots of extra potential with more accessories (like the second shelf and boom attachment).

I highly recommend this stand (especially with the accessories).