A great update to the legendry Omega stand

This is my third Omega stand, the previous two were the normal standard ones which were a bit of a pain to move around. With the 18820 K&M have really solved the problem of transporting this amazing stand. It is now much easier to fold the stand and tuck it in your car or (for mare safety) place it in the dedicated case which has enough room for the extension arms and some cables maybe... if you want! although being one of the heaviest stands I have owned, it is by far the best and most adjustable sturdy stand I have ever came across. Paying those extra euros to get the foldable one is truly worth it if you are planning to gig with/transport this stand. I also have the tray that you can place on the second tier arms and the tablet holder that are sold separately as extensions of this stand and they are perfect. Absolute German craftsmanship at its best.

Unless you're really on a budget, do not compromise! go for this. its worthy of every penny!