Nice Table-style Stand

This is my very first order from Thomann - I ordered this stand and the two stacker kits A + B (18881 & 18882).

The 18880 stand was easy to assemble. Instructions in English were clear, with descriptive diagrams.

A little disappointed when received, as parts could be heard rattling around inside: knobs, washers, and screws. No parts bag, so they must have been loose when packaged by K&M.

After assembling and adjusting the height to a standing position for playing, I set my 60-pound Korg Triton Extreme88 on it. Looks nice in situ; hope it's rock-steady when I jam on songs like Highway Star or Carry On Wayward Son.


- Quick assembly / height adjustment (tool included)

- Lightweight, collapsible for transport

- 2nd/3rd tier stackers


- Fixed stacker width (need trays for smaller modules / keyboards - 18819, 18824)

- May wobble sideways with heavy keyboards while playing

/TLDR: Good stand, but not 100% great. Varying stability bar lengths would allow for different main keyboard widths/stacker widths.