The perfect stand for workstations and digital pianos

As I'm not a fan of x braced, or z shaped keyboard stands (because of leg room restrictions) a table stand was exactly what I was looking for for use at home.


The dimensions of the width and depth were enough to accommodate my recently purchased Korg Kronos 2 (88 key) workstation - which is about 1.4m x 0.37m.

The assembly instructions were straight forward and once assembled, it can be folded from both legs into a compact size which doesn't take up much room when stored away.

The metal is of a high quality standard. Is very unlikely it will start to bend or snap as the maximum load bearing can go up to 80kg. Rubber grips prevent sliding or scratching.


During assembly, when sliding the smaller legs into the main leg frame, be careful not to let go if assembling upside down, or the smaller leg can slide and get stuck inside.

Overall weight is about 10kg which (combined with my 24kg Kronos) is rather heavy, but at the same time, reassuringly so.

Stand appears to attract both carpet or room dust. Would recommend covering when not using it for long periods of time.