Best quality mic stand versus price ratio

I've run events for years that require mic stands regularly, have used many different types and brands over the years and let me just re-state the title heading for this review.

These are the best quality mic stands vs price ratio PERIOD.

Nothing else I've come across compares with these.

Pros - build quality is fantastic for the price, locking mechanism on the arm is a very good design that doesn't damage threads easily, will last years if kept with care.

Cons - Might not be as "heavy duty" as some might require but for the price point its negligible. You would seriously be paying 4 times the price at least for the next step up in quality in my opinion.

Ive recommended these to many people who have asked me what mic stands to buy. And not one of them has regretted buying them. Some even thanked me, because there is alot of terrible stands on the market which cost more.