Heavy, durable and shock absorbent.

The base of the stand was made out of solid metal and because of that it was way heavier then expected. For my use case it was great for bulkier microphones.

I myself used this for my RODE NT1 in combination with its SMR shock-mount. The rubber padding underneath he base made sure it didn't simply slide away and t also provided some extra shock absorption. I tried Tapping the desk it was standing on and it was not as noticeable in contrast to a standard 30 bucks boom arm that I was mounted beforehand. (This includes the SMR shock-mount in both configurations)

The one thing that did bug me however, was the extension mechanism, Which tended to twist itself loose multiple times when I tried to connect the shock-mount on it. When it was finally secured though.. It held it's position quite steadily so far. Other then that... it is a solid desk stand for the price!