Feels heavier & sturdier than the photo!

I have a heavy RODE Procaster with shockmount plus TritonAudio Fethead and windshield attached, so I was concerned that a relatively short desktop stand with a not so big base circumference (180 cm or 6-inches) would suffice. Thankfully, I can report that this K&M mic stand is absolutely perfect. It is really quite heavy @ 2.5 Kg ( > 5 lbs) weight, thus can easily cope with more than a kilo of weight up top. In fact, when I grab the head of the mic whilst attached to this stand and try and pull it or tip it over, it just will not.

The other cool aspect of this particular mic stand, is the easily adjustable telescopic pole to adjust the height of the mic. Although it does not increase the overall height by that much, it is sufficient to get the mic up to head head whilst seated at a desk with this stand in front of you. It also secures very well and does not slip or move at all.

Finally, the circular rubber inlay on the rear side of the base, just feels quality - soft but does not allow the stand to slide at all. Even hitting the side of the base with my clenched fist does not move it.

I would highly recommend these K&M mic stands and the next time I shall be in the market for another one, I will look for this brand again.