Sounds great, wish it was louder....

I bought this to fill out the low end of my little PA. I had two small QSC K8, that sound fantastic, just needed to get a bit more low end.

This bass is really small, weighs close to nothing, and sounds really good. I had a small DJ-gig for about 40 people. I started playing and turned it up. A big warm low end filled the small room, and I was really pleased. After about 30 minutes I raised the volume a little and the small clip-light started flashing - what a shame! I really wanted to keep it, but I just can't use an active subbass with this little power.

Maybe it will be enough for home use, or for the occasional (laid back) garden party. But if you're DJing in front of more than 10 people, forget about it. You will need at least 400-500w.

Other than that, I liked it a lot.