Mapex Armory Studio Shell Set RA

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Mapex Armory Studio Shell Set BTK, MXAR504S, Colour: Redwood Burst (RA) Dawn, chrome shell hardware, 6-ply Birch/Maple Hybrid shellsl, shell set containing: 20"x16" Bass Drum (virgin), 10"x08" Tom Tom, 12"x09" Tom Tom, 14"x14" Floor Tom, 14"x5,5 Armory Tomahawk Snare Drum, including TH678S tom holder and AC910 multi clamp, SONIClear™ bearing edge for better shell / drumhead Contact and easy tuning, SONIClear™ tom suspension system, insulated bass drum claws, SONIClear™ floor tom feet, delivery without hardware / cymbals

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