Mesa Boogie Flux-Drive

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Guitar Effects

The amp blacksmith from California also builds pedals. They are all very interesting, and when it comes down to workmanship and quality, there's no reason to complain at Mesa Engineering. But what can the pedals do, and what makes them stand out?

The Flux-Drive is a highly flexible and adjustable overdrive with sufficient gain for fluent leads. Very well suited to making your crunch sounds sing or improving the tonal quality of your lead sounds: on the one hand with more gain, on the other via the truly effective shaping that is made possible by the treble and bass controls. The master level allows a futher increase of 20 dB, which makes effective clean boost possible. From vintage tubes to fierce!

  • Overdrive
  • For high gain
  • True bypass
  • Gain control
  • Master level control (up to +20dB)
  • Bass and treble controls (up to +12dB)
  • Optional battery operation (9V block)
  • External power supply is required (9 V DC/15mA)
  • PSU NOT included (optional power supply unit available under article #409939#)
  • Dimensions: 73 x 122 x 58 mm
  • Weight: 319 g
  • Made in USA

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