Perfect Sticks

These were good drumsticks. I used Millenium sticks for a long time, and they were always good. These particular sticks performed very well. They were 5A's, so they were lightweight, easy to grip, and were very easy to move around. When you play drums fast, it helps to have a stick that is not too heavy to use. They had a good grip. My only problem with these were that they had wooden tips. I learned that wooden tips seem to come apart and shred after a while, but only if you're hitting cymbals, not if you're just hitting drums. If you decide to buy these sticks, buy the kind with a nylon tip, they will last longer.I use these drum sticks for playing Rockband and it works just fine. I cannot comment on how they perform for real drummers with real drums. But for playing Rockband it is fine. Thanks.