Good Cheap Sticks when used with E. Drum Kits

First I would want to say that I am not in any case a professional drummer though I defend myself in live and recording situations, so I am not an specialist at all.

I use these sticks to play mainly a Yamaha DD-65 to trigger sounds in studio, some snares in folk music and also they may be used occasionally to play different percussive instruments.

They are very light, thing that I do like when they are meant to play on Electronic Drum kits because the more heavy a stick is the more power it transmits to the trigger and less dynamics are achievable.

The grasp is very comfortable and they do not tend to slip of hand also the tip is just as required nothing bad to say about that.

That being said, have in mind that these are cheap sticks that I'm sure more professional drummers may not like, I think the average user of this product is intended to apprentices, casual drummers or to be used in daily practice, they may not deliver the perfect sound or not help in hand development that much, so if you are a serious drummer think about those points, for all the rest I think that for that price you sure will be doing a good purchase.