Not very durable

I was looking for sticks that would not break the bank because I always thought that the quality of the sticks was the thing that would matter the least in terms of drum sound. Compared to choosing heads and cymbals, that might be correct. Yet these Millenium sticks have taught me that it is worth to invest a little more when it comes to sticks.

I grant these sticks feel and sound acceptable for the price. The weight is fine and they are reasonably balanced. The surface is fine as well - not too sticky, rough or smooth.

The downside is, these sticks are not very durable. To be fair, the way you play determines how long your sticks will last - but these just break much faster than all other sticks I have ever tried. It was often that I noticed by the sound of the snare and cymbals that the stick was broken early on before an actual crack was visible.

What I use these sticks for is practicing. As they don't hit any hard surfaces when using a practice pad, they do actually last quite long.

All in all, I can only partially recommend these sticks. There are alternatives (Vic Firth Nova) that are much more durable and still way cheaper than the standard models.