I bought this a few years ago, and for the money it was a perfect purchase. I only use it at home with a double foot machine, so I did not transport it a lot.

The quality of the material seems to be super solid, I did not find any issues with the material in these years. The finish is also OK, there are no sharp edges what so ever.

Assembling it is quite easy, does not require much skill.


- price: it was one of the cheapest, yet its good quality

- solid build, but also quite heavy. This might be a factor if you take it to gigs/tour

- the impact of the kick feels decent. Not too bouncy, not too static, not too loud either.

- looks OK


- The impact feel could be enhanced and more like the real drum heads

- Heavy

- its not a fancy brand :)

All in all I would buy this again, I think the more expensive and more high profile brands are not really offering more. For the price its perfect!