Very well built. Quality and stable stand.

Surprisingly well built stand for such cheap money. I thought it may be made of thin pipes but according to its quite heavy weight I can assume that Millenium used quite good materials for it. Overall construction is also astonishing probably because of double brace. Every part fits precisely with other so it stands stable on ground. I used it with stage piano by Casio which is really heavy piano and i have no worries that it can falls down from it. Legs in all positions are placed in a way to provide balance and standing stability.

Height of stand is adjustable. There are several fixed positions available, but they has been made in a way to ?cover? wide range of players height so it is possible to play both sitting and standing. Position spring locker is quite tough which I find good - it helps avoid accidental unlocking of position and therefore prevents keyboard falling down the ground.

Legs from every side are covered with plastic of some hard rubber caps. They not only prevent stand from being scratched on floor, but also does not allow keyboards to move back and forth. Keyboards also can be placed a little angled because horizontal pipes has different size - this also can be found good for players comfort.

Stand can be easily released and save some space to store it in room or during transportation.

To sum up I can say that this stand completely deserves its price. There are no way you can be disappointed with it. it is durable, stable and very well build and costs less than 20 Euros.