Mooer A7 Ambiance Ambient Reverb

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Product Details

Effects Pedal

  • Reverb
  • 7 Selectable reverb modes: Plate, Hall, Warp, Shake, Crush, Shimmer, Dreamer
  • Rhe "Infinite Trails" function can create an infinite reverb tail
  • Buffered bypass with switchable trails
  • Firmware update via USB port
  • Storable preset for each effect mode
  • Controls for tone, decay, chaos, mix, X
  • Save button
  • Bypass foot switch
  • Status LEDs
  • Metal housing
  • 6.3 mm Mono jack input / output
  • Power supply via 9 V DC power supply (2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel connector, polarity (-) inside) (not included)
  • Current consumption 200 mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 93.5 x 42 x 52 mm
  • Weight: 155 g

Note: Battery operation not supported

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