Quite a bang for the buck.

I use this unit mainly as a complete rig connected to a power amp + cab or to the PA (enabling cab simulation).

In both configurations I'm very satisfied by the sound it is possible to get out of it. Specially for a multieffect at that price range. I find it easy to use both through the physical controls and through the PC preset editor. Very sturdy but also portable if you intend to use it live.

There are promising features I haven't used yet like "Merge" (which allows to control several parameters at the same time with the expression pedal) and the posibility of using it as an audio interface.


- Price

- Good sound and dynamics of the simulations

- Well built

- Light & compact

- Can load external IR files


- No effect loop to add external pedals to the chain

- Can't place some pedal combinations in the chain if they belong to the same block (e.g. chorus + phaser or boost + distortion)

I recommend it. If mine dies I'm sure I'll get another one.