Wide range of possibilities

It is a really useful piece of gear either in a small home studio or on the stage, and it is integrated in a small metal house, which is really useful considering the place issue either in a room or on a pedalboard. The pedal has a Bass and Treble knob by which You can tweak on a wide range in order to achieve the best sound You are after. Even the best sound of the best guitar amps can be improved, thus such a little gain beast can come handy after heavy hours of tweaking without any acceptable result.

The pedal can serve as only a volume boost and also as a tool for altering the overall sound by cranking up the gain control over 12 'o clock.

I basically use it for creating a fat and warm clean guitar sound by adding some bass, decreasing slightly the treble, raising the volume a bit and also just slightly the gain. And it's perfect.

I really can not tell any weakness.