Great Pedal if You Don't Have a Valve Amp!

Mooer Pure Boost.

It's a signal boost with both bass & treble EQ boost, central gain control & overall volume control.

Now the reason for my title for this pedal is that using the gain knob at only 9.00 o'clock, with bass & treble and 12.00 o'clock, it gives you an additional boost - if you run a non-valve amp - to your frequencies as if you've just plugged into a valve amp. Gives that American clean presence quality - which I love!

Doesn't mean that it's going to scream, in fact quite the opposite, full up it's gritty/crunchy, but the clarity of tone at a lesser gain is just as if you've bought yourself a valve amp! Turn up the gain & hit the strings hard and you will get a bit of 'bite' but it's cleanliness is lost on a transistor amp - it's more of a dirty crunch.

I run a Roland 40XL Cube but prefer pedals that give me more control. The disadvantage - which is not the pedal itself - is that the Roland amp has no effects loop and will not run its own effects alongside external ones without sounding hideous! So don't expect this to add to your Roland on-board distortion for extra bite.

However with a Strat' I can get some great Tele clean sounds with the treble control wide open - which is a bonus. The bass boost control is very clean, not wooly at all & adds an 'airy' bottom end by the same token the treble is clean & 'fresh', not shrill at all.

Overall this is a great piece of kit, which will open up your amp, whether valve or transistor! When you hit those solos, just stomp for that extra "zing".

As always, excellent no problem delivery from Thomann at a great price - Thanks Again Guys!