MXR Dynacomp

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Compressor and Sustainer

For all types of devices there are some classics which are used repeatedly over decades and over the time reach genuine cult status. When it comes to compressors for guitar and bass, one effect is necessary to be mentioned, and that is clearly the MXR Dynacomp. As often as this device has been used in professional and already legendary recordings, it is actually unnecessary to say more.

Remarkable is that the Dynacomp only needs two knobs! The sensitivity knob is used to set the compression threshold, the final volume is then determined with the output knob. And attack, ratio, release, etc.? The knobs that in other cases take the user hours of puzzling and trying? The MXR Dynacomp simply does not need more knobs, because everything is set so guitars and basses sound compact and crisp. Of course you can also extend the sustain significantly with more extreme settings; what else do you need?

  • Robust metal chassis
  • Non-slip rubber base

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