MXR EVH-117 Flanger

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Flanger Classic Analog FlangerThe MXR EVH M-117 Flanger can be heard in the classic Van Halen guitar style. This is how Eddie Van Halen "spiced up" his legendary Lead sound, especially on the early records. This can clearly be heard on "Unchained".

Speed, Width, Regeneration (= Feedback) and Manual (= Delay time) are adjustable, making everything that sounds good possible: from chorus-like hovering sounds to a jet engine - everything is there.

With a special EVH switch you can - without changing your own Setting, to Eddie's favorite setting (he even sawed the potentiometers off his effects so as not to accidentally twist them); To be heard on "Unchained". Not just a highlight for Van Halen fans!

  • With Edward Van Halen
  • EVH Switch
  • Very stable casing
  • Metal foot switch
  • Status Led
  • EVH Led
  • Suitable power supply 18 Volt available: Article #174583# (not included)

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