MXR M 234 Analog Chorus

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Analog Chorus Effects Pedal

Like many other MXR, M134 Stereo Chorus is a classic: First of all, it's an analog piece and it delivers beautiful, wide floating sound that can be rarely heard from today's digital devices. This M 234 Analog Chorus is a redesign and comes in a smaller casing, which makes many people happy. After all, you never have enough space on the pedalboard.

It still does sound uncharacteristically clean for analog - bass filter and equalizer allow the chorus sound to be perfectly tailored to personal taste of sound. As a useful feature, it also has an EQ preset alternative to effect-free clean sound!

  • Analog chorus pedal for electric guitar
  • EQ with controls for bass and treble
  • Effect control with controls for Level, Rate and Depth
  • Status LED
  • Stable metal casing
  • Operates with 9V battery or 9V DC power supply #409939# (not included)

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