Online Guides: Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments are the backbone of many traditional styles of music and are a wonderful way to add colour, texture and motion to contemporary music.

Welcome to our online percussion advisor.

The more you understand the function and attributes of different percussion instruments the more you will enjoy your new hobby.

On the following pages we will bring you an overview of the features, materials and sounds various percussion instruments to help make your selection easy. We will discuss how different shell materials and head types affect a hand drum’s sound and how suitable each is for different styles of music. We will also give you an overview of the origin, differences and sound characteristics and prices of various percussion products to help supply you with the information you need to enter the world of percussion.

Our Online Advisor extends over several pages – you can jump from section to section using the index below or the navigation at the bottom of each page.

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Best rated products

  1. Nino Nino 540 Egg Shaker

    Nino Nino 540 Egg Shaker

    In stock
  2. Schlagwerk CP432 2inOne "Deluxe" Makassar

    Sch­lag­werk CP432 2inOne "Deluxe" Makassar

    In stock
  3. Schlagwerk TA3 Bag

    Sch­lag­werk TA3 Bag

    In stock
  4. Meinl MCJB Cajon Bag

    Meinl MCJB Cajon Bag

    In stock
  5. Schlagwerk SET75 Heck Stick/Side Kick

    Sch­lag­werk SET75 Heck Stick/​Side Kick

    In stock
  6. Schlagwerk CP404BLK Cajon Black Edition

    Sch­lag­werk CP404BLK Cajon Black Edi­tion

    In stock
  7. Schlagwerk CP404 Cajon

    Sch­lag­werk CP404 Cajon

    In stock
  8. Schlagwerk CAP100 Cajon Pedal incl. Board

    Sch­lag­werk CAP100 Cajon Pedal incl. Board

    In stock
  9. Millenium Classic Cajon Bag

    Mil­lenium Classic Cajon Bag

    In stock
  10. Schlagwerk DC300 Cajonito

    Sch­lag­werk DC300 Cajonito

    In stock
  11. Schlagwerk SP20 Cajon Pad

    Sch­lag­werk SP20 Cajon Pad

    In stock
  12. Schlagwerk CBT10 Cajon Bass Tube

    Sch­lag­werk CBT10 Cajon Bass Tube

    In stock
  13. Millenium BlackBox Cajon

    Mil­lenium BlackBox Cajon

    In stock
  14. Millenium CP-777 Cajon Pedal

    Mil­lenium CP-777 Cajon Pedal

    In stock
  15. Thomann Cajon Box

    Thomann Cajon Box

    In stock

Top Brands

  • Evans
  • Big Fat Snare Drum
  • Playwood
  • FSA
  • Nino
  • Remo
  • Contemporanea
  • Lefima
  • Studio 49
  • Black Swamp Percussion
  • Grover Pro Percussion
  • DG De Gregorio

Most popular products

  1. Boomwhackers BW Set 04 Basic School Set

    Boom­whackers BW Set 04 Basic School Set

    In stock
  2. Millenium MB202HWR

    Mil­lenium MB202HWR

    In stock
  3. Millenium MB202H NT

    Mil­lenium MB202H NT

    In stock
  4. Koshi Chimes Terra

    Koshi Chimes Terra

    In stock
  5. Thomann Tibetan Tinza/Cymbal small

    Thomann Tibetan Tinza/​Cymbal small

    In stock
  6. Koshi Chimes Aqua

    Koshi Chimes Aqua

    In stock
  7. Koshi Chimes Aria

    Koshi Chimes Aria

    In stock
  8. Koshi Chimes Ignis

    Koshi Chimes Ignis

    In stock
  9. Millenium AF200 Cabasa

    Mil­lenium AF200 Cabasa

    In stock
  10. Millenium Thomann Egg Shaker

    Mil­lenium Thomann Egg Shaker

    In stock
  11. Drumport World Percussion Handpans and Sound 1

    Drum­port World Per­cus­sion Hand­pans and Sound 1

    In stock
  12. Millenium Cowbell 7

    Mil­lenium Cow­bell 7

    In stock
  13. Thomann Wooden Nose Flute

    Thomann Wooden Nose Flute

    In stock
  14. Millenium 8" Frame Drum Natural Skin

    Mil­lenium 8" Frame Drum Nat­ural Skin

    In stock
  15. Millenium HT200 BK

    Mil­lenium HT200 BK

    In stock