Great sound for the money.

I was very surprised when I got this cymbal - I wasn't expecting it to sound so good. For something that doesn't cost very much, it has a really nice, full sound - not too harsh and brittle, not too deep and washy. It was nice and solid as well - I've seen cheaper cymbals literally be folded in half, but this one stayed solid as a rock. I used this frequently for recording sessions, gigs, a tour, and more rehearsals than I can care to count. It sounded great at all.

I used the cymbal primarily as a crash - I play in a post-metal band, and the sound we go for is very large, a wall of sound, if you will. This cymbal was excellent for that purpose, both as an accent and when used as the main focus in a pattern.

The one fault I would have with this is the longevity - I got mine at the end of June 2012, and in April 2013 it began to crack. It started small, but by the end of May had spread to the bell. Although the cheapness of the cymbal means that it's not exactly out of the question to buy a new one, it's still a bit annoying. I do play fairly heavily though, so it would probably last a lot longer for someone playing lighter styles of music than the heaviness I prefer.

Overall though, it's a great cymbal. It sounds really good, especially for the money, but it might not be the longest-lasting. It's well worth the purchase, and I'll be buying a new one soon enough!